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Welcome to the main page of the official site of the department of mathematical simulation and optimization of chemical-engineering processes.
He since 2000 leads department the deserved worker of higher school of Russian Federation, professor, the doctor of technical sciences Vladislav A. Kholodnov. At present in the department teach one professor - the doctor of technical sciences, six associate professors - PhD, three senior lectors and one senior lecturer, PhD
They are prepared in the department: 44  PhD and 7 doctors of sciences, are published more than 3 thousand printed works. At present in the department are trained 1420 students and 2 postgraduate students.
Photograph of professor [Kholodnov] v.a. In our department the students study following disciplines:
  • the systems analysis of the chemical technology (technological specialties)
  • systems analysis and the mathematical simulation of chemical-engineering processes and systems (specialty: the automation of processes in the production)
With performing of laboratory work in the department are used the contemporary license program products Of Aspen PLUS and HYSYS. For the masters is read the course “computer technologies in the science and the formation”. Functions FPK in the direction information- communication line technologies. The program is given below:
  • Computer technologies in the science and the formation
  • World information resources
  • the Web- design
  • the Neuro- net approaches of solution of the engineering problems
  • Creation of the electronic textbooks
  • Study of chemical-engineering processes and systems within the framework of the contemporary program products
  • Computational networks
  • Problems of the optimization of the technical systems
  • Optimization under the conditions of the uncertainty of the initial information
  • Development of medium and the creation of the virtual installations
Are developed and are used in the training process nine curricula for the masters, the specialists of the highest qualification and for the students, who carry out scientific research work. Training process is conducted in the laboratories, equipped with contemporary computational means on the base of personal computers. Department periodically carries out international electronic scientific conference “contemporary problems of [informatizatsii] in chemistry and chemical technology”. The computer system of testing on disciplines is used in the department:
  • Systems analysis of the chemical technology
  • Information theory for the schoolboys
  • Information theory for the chemical engineers

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