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    In March 1965, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Peter A. Kulla created at the Institute of the country's first chair of mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical and technological processes. In the years 1966-1967 he was Dean of the Faculty of Technical University.
       Prior to organizing the department, Professor Peter A. Kull worked at SRI Galurgiya head of the Laboratory of underground leaching, was one of the pioneers in the application of mathematical modeling for the study and optimization of chemical and technological processes. His work on the leaching of salts acquired international fame. He is the author of more than 50 scientific works and inventions in the field of mining and manufacturing automation. P. Kulla participant of Great Patriotic War, was awarded with three awards and medals.

       From March 1972 to January 1974 served as Acting Head of Department Associate Professor VD Shlendov, a professional mathematician, expert in the field of numerical methods for solving partial differential equations. From 1974 to 1978 the department head D.Sc., Professor I. Taganov, a specialist in the field of mass-heat transfer, a man of broad interests. It was the modeling of social processes, has developed a system pararealizma "- the scientific method of copying paintings by old masters.
From April 1978 to February 1991 the department managed Ph.D., associate professor SN Sautin, a specialist in the field of mathematical modeling of polymerization processes. In 1990, he defended his doctoral dissertation.

       From 1991 to 2000 headed the department doctor of technical sciences, Professor VK Viktorov, a specialist in the field of synthesis of the best chemical-technological systems. In 1985-90, it had developed new methods of synthesis of heat and teplointegrirovannyh of rectification columns. These methods formed the basis for creating a software product of synthesis of optimal systems division.

       Since 2000, the department is directed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences VA Kholodnov.
   Currently on faculty teach one professor, doctor of technical sciences, ten associate professors, candidates of technical sciences, five senior lecturers and one assistant. VA Kholodnov developed a method for calculating the complex chemical-technological systems based on the analysis of equations of mathematical models of such systems.

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